It’s one of the biggest challenges of our time; we all need increasing amounts of bandwidth to support applications such as data centres, video on demand and social media. Globally, building Fibre to the Home (FTTH) using traditional methods is proving to be slow and expensive due to the complex nature of the construction involved.

The benefits of FTTH and fibre within business environments can no longer be in any doubt. Many regions, towns and cities are already enjoying tangible economic regeneration, measurable business growth and a general rise in prosperity and quality of life, supported and driven by fibre optic networks that provide incomparable bandwidth and capacity to every home and office.

i3 is a specialist technology company providing innovation in infrastructure. It has developed innovative methods for deploying fibre optic networks which include pioneering the globally patented, tried and tested use of ready-made ducts including waste and potable water assets on a global basis.

These innovative solutions help save money, improve return on investment and ensure delivery of projects on time, to budget and within environmental and regulatory limitations. We’ve achieved this in a range of projects across several continents.

i3, on a licensing basis, provides in-country Technology Partners with the specialist knowledge, training and support to enable that partner to deploy fibre optic networks at a fraction of the cost, time and environmental impact of the deployment methods that have traditionally been available.

All this goes towards ensuring that consumers, businesses and government bodies have unlimited affordable bandwidth for information, services and entertainment.

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