Assault Video: Who Is Vito Gesualdi? Man Attacked At Protest By Netflix Employee

The video capturing the assault on Vito Gesualdi by a Netflix Employee has gone viral on the Internet. Here’s the whole story to it. 

Vito was recently protesting against Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special, The Closer, for its controversial transphobic contents. In the protest, He was holding a sign saying We Like Dave.

After the original leaked video on Twitter got removed due to copyright issues, Vito has uploaded raw footage on his Youtube channel showing the actual situation during the protest.

Who Is Vito Gesualdi?

Vito Gesualdi is a talented YouTuber who is known for his reviews on his channel. He has over 230k subscribers on his official YouTube channel and has a combined total view of 29 million.

He usually uploads videos reviewing any latest video games or movies. One of the reasons the viewers love his content is due to his honest reviews and thorough reports.

In 2017, he went viral for taking a Pepsi challenge. In the video, he is seen drinking Pepsi in a violent Anti-Trump protest and offered the drink to a police officer.

Assault Video: Vito Gesualdi Attacked At Protest By Netflix Employee

A video of comedian Vito Gesualdi physically assaulted by a Netflix Employee has amassed millions of views overnight. Though the protest was initially marked as peaceful, the situation somehow got out of hand.

While at the protest, Vito was holding a pamphlet sign saying ” We Like Dave.” His co-host Masterson was holding a sign saying “We Like Jokes” and ” Dave is Funny.” Furthermore, they were chanting” We like Jokes” and ” Jokes are Funny.”

Out of nowhere, a Netflix writer walked up to him in aggression and grabbed his sign. He then destroyed Vito’s sign leaving him just holding the stick. Vito got forced to walk away from the crowd as the protestor started yelling ” He’s got a weapon” repeatedly.

Another man started approaching Vito and asked him to drop his weapon in peace. Vito, weaponless, was yelling, “I’m just here to show my support.”

The video uploaded by Vito on his YouTube channel shows how the protestors got violent. He also said on his social media account that his co-worker Masterson was physically assaulted and injured.

Who Is Joe Cristalli From Netflix? Did He Assault Vito?

Joe Cristalli is a well-known producer and writer from Netflix. Moreover, as identified from the recently leaked video, Cristalli destroyed Vito’s sign and assaulted him.

Some of Joe’s celebrated career works include, How I Met Your Mother, The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien, and more.

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